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The Road

I've seen so many go down this lonely road
just to see their courage die,
It's not bravery
but you must do what must be done
and face the open sky
Life is hard and bleak, no shoes,
but thankful for life today
tomorrow we may not eat
Reality plays its card
Energy comes from God
but death never sleeps
The drier the season
The harder the rain
It's as if each drop trying
to drive me insane
Has God broken up the deep?
I'm just one of a million
on this crowded, lonely concrete
Exposed to the winter nights
and summer days
With each new hope
New setbacks slow the pace
Time passes by
like a whisper in the wind you see
but I got to have the courage to look ahead
Though life comes with few friends and a hefty fee
Deep are the valleys
and tall are the peaks
Beautiful is his absolution  
and his peace I seek
It seems like the mountains
are dropping stones on me
but character is built in perseverance
These songs don't come for free
If God wakes you every morning
you're obligated to fulfill the hours thereof
Terror tries to grasp my feet
as I look above
If you persist
it lessens the failure in risk
But it takes more than will power
to keep your feet on the ground
Superman already went ahead
now he's lost and can't be found
And with that said
Life's a maze
You got to be led
I know it's hard trusting
something you can't see
But the struggle is worth the effort
if you truly want to be free

Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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The Road