once upon a time

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I'm no quitter, a giant among men
Although some people say I'm the runt of the litter.
Now I won't, and don't take the hard road in life.
Now, does not make me a quitter?

You may say yes but I don't agree.
The easy way out that's the road for me.
Let's see, you take the high road I'll take the low road.
No, we're not singing a song,
We're just swinging along down the easy path in life.
You're a quitter. How come? Won't accept responsibility?

I'm no quitter. Yes you are, never doing the right thing.
Taking the easy way out just like all the quitters in the world.
May look big and strong, but turn you inside out and everyone can see.
You really are a quitter, the runt of the litter.

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