once upon a time


Days have passed, weeks have flown by.
Lost months became years in the tempestuous uproar of my mind.
Now today the wind lets me float in it's fierce embrace
Because an ending has appeared.
The final conclave is breached at last.

Such has been the conflict of emotions in this time
I'm afraid to admit an end is in sight.
One moment was all it needed to end the assembled confusion.
Today the wind has stilled and I am in control of my life again.
My destiny is clear. No more the mantra of lie down, get up.
It will be today and now today has arrived.
The final act has stilled the tempestuous years of turmoil.

Today is mine. Mine to enjoy in whatever chaos I choose.
Any pain inflicted upon me and mine today,
I shall decide to accept or reject.
The tempests that assailed my time have stilled.
The mantra that I chant today in the silence of my mind is joy.
Joy to me and my children. The remains of the day are mine.


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