once upon a time

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Tired now. Should really go to bed.
Not well and it's past twelve.
I will read or shall I sleep?
Not well and it's past twelve.
Should take my meds, need them
It's past twelve and I'm not well.

Bed does have an allure of sorts.
Nose running, glancing at the clock.
Okay, I know it's past twelve.
Thing is I just don't care. I'm not well.
Sneezing twice then thrice. Got the cold.
Telling myself to go to bed. But will I sleep?

Okay here goes, stop writing. Turn out the light
May as well. I'm tired and it's past twelve.
Glanced at my watch and guess what?  
It's twenty to one.

This has to be when I agree I'm not well
It's most definitely past twelve. Turn the machine off.
The computer that is. I'm not that unwell.
Just a head cold and the time now is way past twelve.
Good Night all.

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