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It kills me when people say
Soldiers are a bunch of losers
With High School educations
That shop at Walmart
Like a bunch of punks
On Justin TV just did
Calling a soldier stupid
Is stupid in itself
As they were smart enough
To keep your punk a$$ free
So you could mouth off
At some mother who is proud
That her son is still alive
When many son's have died
For their countries.

You do not know the pain
Of worrying and hoping and praying
That your son makes it through the war
You only know about the easy life
At college, on the internet,
In your small world where there is no harm
You infuriate me with your words of "war monger"
I do not like war
No one likes war
You young people are too naive to know anything
But everything you are handed
As you think you are brave
Being unkind to a soldier's mother
I pray that your mother never suffers for your decision
To fight for your country
But she probably won't
As you are just a bunch of young punks
Not turned into men yet
Still babies
Sucking on the hind teat
Of humanity
Or you would have some respect for those
Who keep you free to be disrespecting punks
As you show your a$$es off online
As faceless boys who think you're smarter than a soldier
I feel sorry for you.

2/29/2012 1200PDT cj

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