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Sin and Its Affects

Sin and Its Effects
A new Heaven and a new earth,
Are about to be given birth;
For that is now will pass away,
Because mankind has gone astray.

As Zion the holy city,
Jerusalem looking pretty;
From out of Heaven coming down,
Dressed up in her bridal gown.

To meet her husband as His bride,
Where she will govern by His side;
Fulfilling prophesies of the Gospel,
And remaining with His people.

From their eyes He will wipe their tears,
And comfort them from all their fears;
For those who have a true belief,
Will no longer have death or grief.

There will be no more ills or pain,
Fulfill thirst from fountains of rain;
And hunger a thing of the past,
For abundancy will outlast.

There will be no more phobia,
The Alpha and Omega;
Is the beginning and the end,
Who is your God also your friend.

This Heaven and earth will vanish,
The unrighteous, God will banish;
They pleasured in their desire,
So off to the lake of fire.

The unbelievers and liars,
Will smell sulfur burning fires;
As flesh burns God will forsake,
Them within the fiery lake.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Sin and Its Affects