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                    Prayer Is Powerful

If you have trouble and despair,
Go in private and say a prayer;
For truly God really does care,
If you are just willing to share.

If you are happy sing a song,
Let the glad occasion prolong;
Sing a song that praises the Lord,
Showing He is loved and adored.

If you sin you are forgiven,
Confessing in prayer to Heaven;
Admit your sins to each other,
God will clean with a dissolver.

Pray for each other to be cured,
So your salvation is assured;
Pray so that you will do your best,
God answers for you to be blest.

If sincere God will not reject,
And will approve to take effect;
But remember it is a request,
And will be on His time to invest.

If someone wanders from the truth,
And they start acting really uncouth;
You are able to bring them back
And rebuilding the faith they lack.

For whoever has gone astray,
Can be brought back when you go pray;
Saving from death and the many sins,
After penance cleansing begins.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer


James 5:20

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Prayer Is Powerful