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                                                             Smoke and Mirrors
                               Out of smoke and mirrors he suddenly appeared,
                                 the new kings with the gilded tongue and his wise
                                men that always sings the same old song.
                                His queen parties day and night and the American
                                tax payer foots the bill, that’s  higher than a kit.
                               All should be well, but that’s not the case, it seems
                               that our country is going straight to hell!
                               in my fading time, even I know who plays the fiddle,
                               while Washington burns, a tune of black lies from this
                               bitter rhyme, sung by the gilded tongue of the new antagonistic…
                               Cesar, the blackest liar of all time.
                               May we all weep for the Stars and Stripes and reminisce about
                               the good days of yesteryear, before the new King and his wise
                               men suddenly appeared.   We can go and cast our ballot and
                               hope and pray that the new Cesar fades back into the smoke
                               and mirrors, where he came from, yesterday!

                                                     Jackie R. Kays    © 2012

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