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For man's depravity, God scowled and the sun seared in contempt.
For man's unfaithfulness, God grieved and the waters flared in hostility.
For man's arrogance, God sighed and the winds roared in disbelief
For man's mercilessness, God wept and all the earth throbbed in antipathy.

In defense of their Supreme Source they quake in the imbalance.
Those who declare His glory bear insolence for man's brash duplicity.
Where there is sin, earth heaves in defiance, demanding justice,
penalties, vengeance, even death for man's adulterous idolatry.

But they cannot forget the penalty was paid; death was done.
All other creation obeys, but man, justified and without recompense,
shifty and undeserving, flaunts his sins like peacock plumage,
swaggering in the face of God, incendiary, without reverence.

So God inspires nature back to its humble submissiveness.
All exhale in obedience; He regards their abiding devotion,
aware their God needs no defender, no advocate, no judge.
Restoring their peace, He lovingly awaits man's true re-dedication.

Psalm 19:1-4 [NCV]
The heavens tell the glory of God,
and the skies announce what His Hands have made.
Day after day they tell the story;
night after night they tell it again.
They have no speech or words;
they have no voice to be heard.
But their message goes out through all the world;
their words go everywhere on earth.

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