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It has been a very rough 3 years for most
With the loss of jobs and for many homes
They all have been the real victims here

The blame game has been going on to long
Each side saying everything will be good
Yet they all do nothing at all to help us

It far easier to play their political games
They will convince you should vote for them
Then they sit on their butts and ignore us

Spending the entire term in political office
Blaming the last guy who had held the office
Saying everything was their fault not ours

So when will we see these changes promised
Yet quickly forgotten once they're elected?
Where are the better days and better ways?

The only real change that will occur at all
Will be when they start working for all of us
We the people who are really in charge here

We do not work for the politicians & party
We are the ones they are suppose to work for
If you or I worked like they do we'd be fired

So tell me America when will you show them
Once and for all who is really in charge
It's time to stop all of these games here

Instead of just voting for the party line
Vote for the person who will work for all
Not Republicans or Democrats but Americans

Then and only then will we see it happen
The return of better days and better ways
We are Americans first & we are the bosses

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Until we learn to see pass all the things that divide us
and really work with each other for the benefit of every
citizen in America, we will always be the victims of the
political games that all of these politicians play here
in America. It is "We The People" whose really in charge
and they are suppose to work for us the American people
not the reverse of us working for them. It's far beyond
the time where we keep burying our heads in the sand and
hope for a change in America, it's time to use your vote
that was given to you by millions of veterans who always
have kept our nation free so you would have a say in how
our country is run to vote all of these old lifetime and
lazy career politicians out of office and elect new and
really compitate leaders who will put our nation first
and not lining their own pockets with ill gotten gains
from those special interest groups with large donations
to give out to those politicians who tow the party line.

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