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Losing Temp Position

Phone message from agency and email Wednesday
Indicated he did not want to inform me in that way
But company asked me not to return for the position
He would explain more details about the situation

It is Thursday morning too early yet to contact agency
Used to waking up now and did not sleep well anyway
I release my thoughts over to You as hard as it may be
Lord, You understand more than I do and will carry me

Questions why and what if keep penetrating my mind
Schemes of Satan who will use any means he can find
In an effort to get me discouraged and feel like a failure
Placing blame on myself only makes it worse for sure

Reflecting on the last three days I sense Your protection
Through the company demands and their expectations
So much detail to learn but I was gradually improving
The agency just called with some answers revealing

Said I was not catching on to job and aspects of Excel
But he also reassured me two others were let go as well
While job did not work out, he says it is not all my fault
After reasonable time, hard production decisions result

I will turn in my time slip, badge, and parking permit
To agency today, but I am not going to give up and quit
Lord I trust You there will no issues with unemployment
Agency still willing to work with me to find employment

I have Your Word and power of the Holy Spirit inside
In You I am a conqueror whatever around me betides
By using reference Jer. 29:11 in various passwords
I know You have future plans for me by Your Word

I need Your wisdom to find a health insurance alternative
After I waived Cobra soon to expire and too expensive
You understand my limited budget and medical conditions
Lead me to reasonable coverage to best meet my situation

© Carol S. 4/12/12

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