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The Human Breed
Many years back when the whips did crack
and the poor slaves broke their back
There was always one or two white men with a whip,
In charge of the slaves with it on their hip.
Then if a slave seemed like a slacker,
he got a sharp whipping from the Cracker.
They didn't call him the Cracker because of his skin,
it was because of the sound the whip made in the wind.
With a big hiss and then a sharp crack,
it was like a snake biting the poor slaves back.
Cutting them real deep until they bled,
expecting "Yes Massa" as the words to be said.
Years and years later the words Cracker and Nigger are still heard,
personally all the name calling I find absurd.
It doesn't matter what the color is of ones face.
We are all part of what's called the human race.
They also tend to call us humanity,
is there much humanness really to see?
Maybe we'd be better off if we called it the Human breed,
for this race were in seems like it won't succeed.
Building weapon after weapon to kill mankind,
without any sight of world peace to find.
Printing dollar after dollar to support the wars.
Filling combatants and non combatants minds with horrors.
Come on every one it's time to get straight,
or soon mankind's destiny will be our only date.
Korea,China,The Soviet Union, and Vietnam,
are kind of getting tired of Uncle Sam.
If the tensions flare and we go further to war,
the world we know won't be any more.
So lets all step back and look at each other,
and realize that we're all sister and brother.
That life is a blessing and should be treated as one,
and we shouldn't fall prey to bombs or a gun.
That we all should be able to live happy and free,
and each of us worship our own deity.
Even with that there's another problem at hand
of killing each other over their religious plan.
Well all I can say in closing is please don't hesitate,
before we evolve to world annihilation as being our only fate.
As you walk past another give them a smile or wave,
they might be the one that makes our world turmoil a little less grave.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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