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Mercy Mercy Mercy

would you show me mercy
like a victim
from a war
would you show me mercy
would you sell it
in your store
would you show me mercy
or is it
sans belle merci
because without your mercy
there's only the
worst degree
of unforgiven-ness
and a home becomes
a battleground
and no home at all
doesn't matter if its loud or silent
we'll pay a price when
mercy's not around
so do you think
we could invite her
yes have her in for a spot of tea
we could have a sit down
and sip civil
then discuss her finer qualities
if you show me your mercy
I will show you mine
lets recreate a situation
we can define
as mercy
mercy isn't for holding onto
it isn't for drawing a line
what is mercy
if not laid down generously
spread thickly like
a heavy butter or cream
then let us all be generous
with our mercy
let all the people find her in their hearts
then be
full of
mercy mercy mercy
and not find her
in some distant make-believe
but in real-time reality
its would be much easier when
mercy is not horded
but given out
without a price or fee,
as she was intended to be
for all, for free.

Copyright April 29, 2012 All Rights Reserved by Author
written directly to the page with no editing (well maybe some later)
but for now I'm just going to let this poem simmer awhile
yes, I have a "made-up" word in here...unforgiven-ness...think of the movie
Melissa A Howells   Meloo    Tilt-a-World

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