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God Will Make a Way – Part Two

Last Friday I had my physical with PA
Received lab results by end of the day
She looked at drugs not covered by plan
Monday asthma Dr. same with him again

He first had nurse do a lung function test
Within range but some obstruction exists
Said to try and go off asthma medication
In two weeks advise symptom indications

Also Friday called insurance company
Lady was very helpful that spoke to me
Inquired if policy upgrade was an option
For coverage of brand name prescriptions

No, but described a program for assistance
After I explained my financial circumstance
Prescription Hope for those with low income
Sent application on Wed. waiting for outcome

Tuesday called agency and I passed drug screen
Over the counter drug was not even questioned
After employment and college degree verification
She called me yesterday with exciting confirmation

I will start temp data entry position this next Tuesday
3 morning hours a week to half past noon Thur / Friday
Enter numbers on spreadsheet for bank reconciliation
Extra hours may be possible over 2-6 months duration

Back unemployment benefits resolved last Thursday
Current now until remaining balance depleted away
Part-time job will help time left for unemployment
To about end of June with week reduction payment

Lord, You have already begun to make a way
By providing the temp job starting on Tuesday
Guiding me step by step and answering prayer
Your hand will continue to lead my journey here

© Carol S. 5/4/12

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