Jinky's New Life

                Jinky's New Life                                 2006-08-31

Celtics greatest player has left us, and now he lives in heaven
His name is Jimmy Johnstone from the team of 67
He's playing for Gods eleven with other Celtic greats
He wears the hoops in his Paradise with other parkhead mates
In the goal is Johny Thompson, with McGrory at the front
Johny Doyle is with them also with Murdochs constant punt
Ronnie Simpson plays there too when Thompson needs a break
Big Jock is there but he's not the boss, but sometimes gives God a break
With Charlie Tully and the McStays and Patsy Gallagher too
It's like Lisbon all over again when we meet the boys in blue
There's not many of them here, not enough to make a team
Before the game God picks the squad with the angels on the scene
The big man asks St.Peter and Jock, is there any others here
Not many have made it to this place. I think we have no fear
Jimmy Johnstone turns his magic on as the angels run the line
There is no bigotry here in heaven, Celtic results are fine
St. Peter referees the game, Gods feelings are the same
He doesn't give dodgy penalties or misses half the game
He's not controlled by a group or a club, in Gods eyes we're all the same
God gets excited when jinky plays, and he sings the Celtic song
He smiles for Jinky, he knows the score, down here he was treated wrong
Jimmy Johnstone twists and turns to "you'll never walk alone"
With a choir of angels and the big man singing, with St. Peter by his side
The Fields of Athenry is heard; Irish tunes are sung with pride


He's on the wing as the angels sing, he's wearing number seven
"You'll never walk alone" is the song of choice in that place that's known as heaven
They wear the hoops as they play their game and the big man shares the joy
He's watching Jimmy Johnstone Celtics greatest Bhoy

                                                   Gerry McGeachy


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