All Through the Night

                       All Through The Night     15. 05. 1988

While the civilized world is sleeping, all through the night
The British army does their creeping, all through the night
To smash a door, put my family on the floor and desecrate my wall
What more should we expect from the modern Tans, the invaders one and all
Let's send our message loud and clear, the army can't keep us down
The plastic bullets the forces use against the working class
Amnesty has spoken loudly against them, the army and the supergrass
We must teach the children of the world, we must have our civil rights
Irrespective of beliefs and the color of our skin, we must show our children the way
As Martin Luther King lived his life without civil rights and a wish to be free
Like the Irish he was no different, no different than you and me
He passed from life like many in Ireland, without reason losing life so fast
From the gravesides of Martin and many Irish, Three short words “Free at Last”

                                 Gerrard McGeachy

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