Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

The Fallen Seraphim

I wake up in a blistering heat,
The hole in my chest burning hotter
Than these hell fires.

Satan walks away. I let him.
My qualms are with someone else.
My war is with Lucifer,
Who turned his back on me years ago,
Taking my heart in a harsher way than Satan ever could.

A smile grazes my face as I spot my victim.

I stalk him into the caverns of Hades,
I tiptoe and follow his every move.

Lucifer the Almighty becomes my prey,
The way countless others have become his.
My black billowy wings tingle beneath my cloak,
I pull the hood down over my eyes.
I have him cornered.

What we once shared is dead, and I am here
To fulfill a deed.

I come up behind him and he slowly turns.
He tries to gave into my eyes but I won't let him.
He tries to trick me with passion but I've no heart anymore.
I cannot be fooled by his false lust for me.

I raise my flaming sword, pull off my hood and finally
Meet his dark eyed gaze.

I keep telling myself I am fulfilling a deed, a duty,
That once I am allowed to return to heaven,
I will be rewarded with silver wings.

But I hesitate.

"Look at all you've maimed to get this far, including yourself,"
Lucifer says in his deep, rich voice.
For a moment, I lower my sword and stare.
"Ending me won't earn your entry back home."

He walks away from me and I'm stumped.
Not having a heart, I'm not sure what to feel.

As Lucifer takes his leave, I sneak up behind him,
Slice off his leathery black wings and fly out of there,
Listening to his wails and screams.

He curses me, over and over again.
I fly out of the depths of hell as minions of the dark lord
Attempt to swarm me and take me down.

The hellions try to enter my mind and I fight
To lock them out.

Finally, I make it out.
It is nighttime and the stars are dancing.
I fly wherever I can't be found,
Small tears escaping my eyes.
I was unaware that not having a heart would still
Cause me this pain.

Suddenly, heaven doesn't seem like enough of a reward.


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The Fallen Seraphim

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