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Real Life

Growing up a poor black youth,
A disadvantage from the start
It was hell struggling in the dirt
to get my just deserts
Yes life was very hard,
Keeping me down
were the snobs' daily job
behind the prima donna booth
Looking up hoping things gets better
You can't live life
off yesterday's weather
But patience pays off if you're
persistent and methodical
Who said the struggle is over?
Who put out this article?
Only the rich are getting fatter
This dumb down music
everybody's calling a hit
You can learn more from life
by watching a pigeon sh't
Don't mean to knock your creativity
but makeup on the face
ain't the real face to me.
Now that y'all have made it
Your heart have faded
Making these staged appearances
for the public eye, Sellout! please save it
Let's talk about real life that's controlled
by the powers that be
Poverty and pain
as far as the eyes can see
Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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Real Life