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Terry and his daughter Amy Lynn at the Beacon Cove Lobster Fest 2012

Yesterday we went out to the Beacon Cove marina
Where my daughter and son-in law have their boat
There is a monthly party for members and guests

Last night at the marina it was a Lobster Fest
Some of the best lobster, crab and fish I've had
With all the trimmings and some Caribbean music

We had a great time and met many of their friends
The weather was beautiful out there by the water
This was something we hadn't done in many years

With my disabilities we don't go out that much
Trying to walk any distance is extremely painful
But the marina uses golf carts to shuttle people

So we just parked in the visitors parking lot
Within a minute a shuttle cart picked us up
Driving us out to the huge outdoor patio area

We met our daughters friends and their husbands
A short time later the Lobster Fest was served
I had seafood at many places this was excellent

Sometime right after we had all finished eating
A familiar voice suddenly yelled out "Hey Terry"
I'd turned around to see two of my old friends

They use to work with me at my old company
And they never knew why I had left my old job
We hadn't seen each other now in over four years

My old company had let me go after 28-1/2 years
Because my disabilities were getting very bad
The management was afraid of liability issues

So rather than risk me getting hurt on the job
Management had decided to terminate me at first
But changed it a couple of days later to layoff

They forgot they couldn't fire me due to disabilities
They changed it to layoff so I could get unemployment
While I waited to get my permanent disability rating

It took almost another year to finally get approved
And I was awarded a full pension from Social Security
Shortly before that my claim with the VA was approved

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

It was fun yesterday to get out to the Lobster Fest
but it was even better when I got to spend some time
with my two old friends of over 28-1/2 years who I'd
worked with at my old company, since I had not been
allowed to go around and say goodbye to those I had
worked with for so many years when I was terminated
and no one was ever told why I was let go or that I
had challenged my termination and had won my case of
being let go for an unjust cause or reason as I had
always met my quota's for production every single day
was never late and never took time off without first
getting approval for Veteran's medical appointments.
It was nice to know that these two old friends who I
hadn't seen since I was let go more than four years
ago and that I finally got to tell them why and they
finally know the real reasons I had left my job and
I got to tell them after all this time what a great
pleasure it had been to work with them for so long.

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