I Think His Name was Bobby

                     I Think His Name was Bobby   July 4, 2012

My flight was late, I didn't feel great so I went to a Belfast bar
I met a guy, he'd been here before, he said he didn't live far
He didn't give me his name; that's ok; he was Irish that's for sure
We spoke for a while, his words were good, he spoke about the future
He was a gentle man and he spoke of his plan, it was all about his people
He spoke about the children of Ireland, with their future looking bright
He told me about other things, some were sad, with his dreams in sight
He spoke of his friends that he met again; they're close and with him now
He made me feel good this Belfast dude, I'd love to meet him somehow
When I asked him a question he would give me a smile, time was on his side
I asked him about Ireland, he smiled again, I knew his feelings were strong
I could tell he was special, this man from the past, I knew there was something wrong
He spoke about things, Irish things, about the work that still remains
With a tear in his eye he said goodbye, I think he said his name was “Bobby”

                       Gerrard McGeachy


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