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There has always been many bad events in life
Whether it was caused by a thief with a knife
A monster tornado tearing through a community
Or dictators killing those standing in unity

There's been many wars and conflicts in history
Some from greed or madness it's the same story
They wanted what others had worked hard to get
But greedy fools don't work for it you can bet

It's so much easier today to kill or rob another
These crazed nuts would kill their own mother
And as if these addicts weren't bad enough today
We see tornado's destroy everything in their way

Everything that people had worked so hard to get
Gone in a second leaving them homeless and wet
Surveying what had once been a very loving home
Trying to understand it all is to much for some

This old man claimed we're near our own final day
It'd be May 21, 2011 nothing happened to his dismay
Just like all of his other claims and predictions
Now he claims it was an error in his calculations

I don't know why there's so many bad things today
Only that I know they cause much pain and dismay
I think these many events just may be a warning
We all need to be much kinder and more forgiving

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Let's hope that old man is wrong about the world ending
now on Dec. 21, 2012 with the ending of the Mayan Indian
calendar as he now is claiming. Some 200 predictions in
some 50years and he's never been right yet, let's hope
his batting average stays the same as in every other
claim he has made and that someone should tell him he
should choose a new line of work because he sucks bad.


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