Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

There's a seraphim on my mind

He would have to be
The darkest angel.

He would have to have
The sharpest teeth.

He would have to carry
The deadliest weapon.

He hides in dark corners,
A lustful dead look in his eyes
As he licks his lips in my direction.

Banished once before,
I haven't forgotten the feel
Of his teeth sinking in to my flesh.

He would have to be sadistic.
Or else I'd never have noticed.

He hangs around, thinking I
Don't notice him.
He looms, like bad news
Waiting to be spilled.

He's here for my soul,
My tinged black and white soul.
He's waiting for the moment
He can slice me open and claim it.

And I don't notice that.
Or maybe I do.

The thrill of knowing
He's here only for me,
To destroy me,
To end my existence,
To spill my blood;
It equals passion to me.

Though dedicated to his cause,
He lingers, hesitant.
I never beg, but I consider...

He would have to be
An army of hell.

He would have to have
Eyes blacker than despair.

He would have to carryRead more →
Wars within his hands.

I would have to be the imbecile
To fall for such a fiend.


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There`s a seraphim on my mind

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