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While serving in Vietnam we sometimes felt very alone
Regardless of which branch that you had served with
There were times you felt like no one cared about you

Not so much as individuals, but your unit or group
Especially for those of us who were at remote bases
Along the DMZ up north or the airfields in the delta

We were far south along the areas bordering Cambodia
You had always known that you were greatly outnumbered
For the NVA and the VC could quickly cross that border

They could strike with a vengeance and retreat to Cambodia
Before we would even know they crossed over to attack us
Like ghosts they'd slip away into the jungles of the delta

You knew your fellow warriors were there and on alert too
But still they'd sneak in close enough to fire their mortars
The night would erupt with thunderous explosions at once

By the time you called for air support to help defend us
These phantoms disappeared into thin air without a trace
Leaving us to wonder how the hell did they get that close

Now some 43 years later I am still defending our great nation
This time my only weapon with which to defend her is my vote
Many tell me they agree yet I wonder if I'm out here all alone

For almost 4 yrs. now we've been going in the wrong direction
America has lost many friends and allies that we've always had
We desperately need to get back on course but I feel very alone

Talking is always easy and so is burying ones head in the sand
Like the ostrich not wanting to see the danger that is there
Leaving himself exposed for any enemy to quite easily find

It's time to take a stand and take our nation back peacefully
With the one weapon that our forefathers gave to each of us
That weapon is your right to vote when true change is needed

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

If you are wounded in battle, you are screwed son
Will you vote to save America?

Time is getting very short now till the elections in November,
what will you do? Will you vote to save her? Or will you watch
her die a slow death knowing that you chose your self interest
and your own desires in life instead of helping to save your
own nation. How will you feel later if you vote to contiue on
the wrong path for our nation and knowing that you had helped
to add another nail to seal up her coffin? I'm voting for my
nation first and to save her from the certain doom if we keep
on this wrong path we've been on for the last four years over
any political party or egotisical self centered fool who wants
to destroy her. So what will you do citizens of America?

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