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Neil Armstrong awed the entire planet back on July 20th 1969 when he
became the very first man to land on and then walk on the moon. He'll
always be remembered as the quiet and the reluctant American hero who
upon landing the lunar landing module safely on the Sea of Tranquility
transmitted this famous message to mission control in Houston, Texas
where the entire NASA control team held their breaths waiting to hear
from the lunar landing module. The radio after a long silence crackled
back to life as Armstrong reported in "Houston Tranquility Base here
The Eagle has landed everyone at Houston control went nuts yelling and
cheering for these extremely brave me who had successfully landed on the
moon. Later when Neil Armstrong had taken that first step off from the
lunar landing module Eagle and stepped onto the surface of the moon he
transmitted his now famous message to the world, "That's one small step
for man, one giant step for mankind". Neil Armstrong's two team mates
were Michael Collins who circled the moon while the other two members
landed on the moon, Buzz Aldrin made the actual moon landing and walked
on the surface of the moon with Armstrong. Neil Armstrong who was 82
years old when he died Saturday morning August 25, 2012 as a result of
some complications that were associated with a recent heart bypass he
had earlier this month. He was one of a kind who will be missed greatly.

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Buzz Aldrin - Michael Collins - Neil Armstrong The crew of the Apollo 11
mission to land on the moon on July 20, 1969

I was in Vietnam on this date and for us it was the middle of the night
as we were 13 hours ahead of the eastern time zone in the USA when neil
Armstrong set foot the moon. I remember that almost everyone that wasn't
on guard duty were listening to our transistor radio's waiting to hear
the first words uttered by man as he landed on the moon and how exciting
it was to think that we as Americans were the first nation to try this
amazing feat. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins were truly
Great American Heroes who proved to the world that if you put your mind
to a task no matter how seemingly impossible it may have seemed to many,
that it could be done. God Bless Them All and those that followed them.


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