Don't Wait For Tomorrow

                        “Don't Wait For Tomorrow”            “September 8, 2012

The small streets belong to Derry and the Falls to Belfast town
Donegal has the mountains, God Bless old Dublin town
Ten families across this nation faced a hunger so renowned
Those martyrs face the wind and rain and would do it all again
Just wander to Derry or Belfast or the streets of Tyrone
The stories of those families losing one of their own
The empire days, not Irish ways, our undefeated army
No Gaelic allowed, not even a word, no different than today
Gibraltar still rocks from the shudder of the SAS
I can remember them all from the streets of Loughall
Aiden wanted to play a simple Gaelic game with a bullet in his back
From the four courts in Dublin, did our leaders die in vain?
Our modern day new men forget the ten and the patriot game
That country is still involved and Irish people don't know
They are still in our country, our people are slow
Unite or nation, do it now, don't wait for tomorrow
Make a bond for tomorrow for that other mans son
From the graves of the dead, we know what they said
We remember them all; we're still dying today
Irishmen dying by an Irishman's gun
Why did Connolly die, what have we done
Irish patriots are killing another Irishman's son
We must send our message as we only Irishmen can
No Irish to be killed by an Irishman's gun

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