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Looking at him

Yolu are standing there,
and think how long you waited to be here.
To be looking at him dead,
with all these thoughts running though your head.

After all the hurt he did,
you know yourself, you can't kid.
all the pain that you feft,
with all to you he dealt.

You can't cry a single tear,
thinking of the abuse year after year.
You wish there could be at least one,
but all your crying has been done.

The hate is no longer there,
as there never was no love to share.
So to your father you. Say good-bye,
knowing his sickness was why.

For what he did to you,
not knowing what he say wasn't true.
How it wasn't your fauft at all,
how you temble everytime your name he did call.

Now, maybe your will discover,
it can be all over.
If you don't let your memories lie,
and like him you let them die.

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Looking at him

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