Transformation in the Making - Contemporary Poetry by Deidre Washington

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No Love

Trying to love you is the hardest thing Ive ever done. Learning your non emotional ways pains my soul. Never have I
 experienced a love as when we started new. It disintegrated to late nights early mornings. I gave you the only love I knew.
Hoping you would show me true love in a new light. You
exploited me instead. Round and round in my head. Manpulation and affirmation of using exploitation to keep me down yet still around.The spillage of my soul to your ears meaningless  
except when calling in Ecstasy. songs of joy expressions of bliss with tears of happiness. Overshadowed by non communication
Never tuned into my station. still wondering my hesitation. Thought we were to be our own nation but left head bowed in disgust and humiliation.

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No Love