Herbal Cure

According to the website, Jägermeister is 70%proof, and contains 56 herbs.

In May this year, (2012), at the F-ANSI Boys reunion my hotel room  was at the front, over the outsider drinking area.

Being a party pooper I retired to bed early, and listened to three of the boys talking into the night.

As the discussion progressed it turned out that the liquid in fact over held 150 healing herbs, and not to drink it was to have an almost reckless disregard for one's health.

How the discussion finished I don't know because I fell asleep laughing.

I did notice they were the last ones down to breakfast the next morning.

Jägermeister, Jägermeister,
70 percent friend
Aromatic and tasty to the very very end,
With its 56 herbs carefully selected
In that  recipe long ago perfected.
Once it becomes an acquired taste
Seldom if ever does a drop go to waste.
You can drink it neat, or slammer style
Safe in the knowledge that all the while
It's good for the stomach that's a for sure
And an acknowledged hangover cure.
Sat under a Brolly in the starlight
It make a perfect end to a good night.
If in the morning you have a bad head
A tot or two'll make you feel less dead.
Aromatic and tasty to the very end
Jägermeister, Jägermeister
70 percent friend.

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Herbal Cure

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