Don't Judge Us By Our Name

                         Don't Judge us by Our Name           January 1985

They look at me and often say, his cause he shows then turn away
It hurts sometimes, I stand-alone with my feelings and views, I'm on my own
They wonder why and often try, their past they can't recall
The years so good on Britain's shores, a job they always had
When they were young and banged the drum, with a future guaranteed
Their school, their church, their fathers club they advertised with pride
No reason for these people, no past they have to hide
Their parents, their lodge, their sash, for them it is their right
Times have changed, civil rights are here, we'll let them know our plight
Across the world change has come, Blacks now can vote
What happened to my land of Ireland, has my country missed the boat?
In other lands people have their say, in Ireland we don't count
I stand alone and wonder why, I have different views
My lands been taken by Britain, disallowed our political views
I moved away and let me say I never did forget
The treatment and conditions that I did not enjoy
From across the sea I write these words, no pressure do I endure
My new lands free, no need to worry, my children grow in peace
No more I'll face the question, so many times been asked
Does your father have a grannie, does the sun shine east or west
When mother England realize that all men are the same
When we accept each other gladly, don't judge us by our name

                           Gerrard McGeachy

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