The Force

                               The Force         January 1986

They enter my home by tapping my phone, they steal my private feelings
The force that no one speaks of, their underhanded dealings
They build their case, they do disgrace, the democracy our children sing of
To trap someone, trap a child, by computer they trap our names
Those people paid by our taxes, why do they play those games
The land we left, not because of trouble. If it were we'd still be there
Those people stand by and hear the cry of the old and young that die
The land we left, we regret sometimes, we're Irish, we'll never forget
Why don't those undercover agents give us peace while relaxing at home?
Do they like to hear of an Irish death, fathers gone, mothers alone
I'm Irish and proud, no crime did I commit
As my tears flow do those people know my father was killed by a Brit
Do they understand, those people so proud, the ones who tap my phone
To see a child play at ball, then be shot on the street
To see that little body move, to see it stop with shock
Body still, the ball rolls on, final moments with fun
Let them tap my phone, I don't care, I love my country dear
Let them listen, let them hear, let them know how Irish die
Can they justify a fathers sigh or a broken mothers cry
Why do they kill my people? The old and the young both die
I can't ignore the empty room, my father's place of rest
To be taken from life at that time of life, to be killed by Britain's best

                            Gerrard McGeachy

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