Thoughts of a Mother

the fate of our children

They say children are the future, but we are not teaching them to lead we are teaching them to survive
We teach them that if they don't have money to pay them bills, then go find a program to keep on those lights
If they don't have money for food, then go apply for welfare assistance
But what happened to being strong, career-minded and self sufficient
Back in the day our parents worked one, two, or three jobs, no if, ands or buts
It wasn't no it's a recession or I can't find a job so now what
It's like today to be employed places you in the minority
It's like being unemployed and on welfare places you in the majority
And this is what our children sees
The bar is so low now that we are in the negativity
So we owe them so much because we are failing each and every child
The education system is so watered down that  when I hear the things that come out these kids mouth, all I can do is go WOW
But education starts at home, why has this lesson been forgotten
Parents are sending blank slates to school and wondering why there parents do know nothing
And it's simple, because there is no foundation
And it's pointless to build a house if there's no foundation because it's just gonna fall
Or fail in this case, when will they learn
Don't blame the teacher's if checking your child's homework is not your concern
To busy to see why your child is failing class
And because of your lack of involvement kids are telling teacher's to kiss their
We are more concerned with keeping our kids in the hottest fashion trend
Then we are in finding a good, affordable program for tutoring
What are we doing, what are we teaching
Forget about practicing, what the hell are we preaching
See I'm not just a talker because my actions speak louder than words
I set an example for my children as I go to college and I work
I go to report card conference and when I can't I write a letter
I ask for a phone conference and what it is my child can do to get better
I am not the perfect parent, no that is not what I have claimed
But I want more for my children and as parents we should all want the same
As parents we need to be more accountable and make our children more responsible
We need to get them off the xbox and find them some in-person real life role models
We no longer have communities we only live in neighborhoods
We don't have the resources to help the children as we should
It takes a village to raise a child and the younger generations don't understand
Yea you can do it on your own, but even superman needs a helping hand
So in closing, as a person, a parent as a community, we need to do better
Because in the end, the children are losing out, if we don't hurry up and get it together

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the fate of our children

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