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Proverbs C-2-v-9-10
Honour the Lord with thy
substance and with the
first fruits of all of thine
increase So shall thy barns be
filled with plenty thy presses
shall burst out with new wine

Dear Lord Wrap your arms around the cold
and hungry shelter them in your love.
dear lord you know the ones who lost
loved one's and every thing they had
in the storm no food on the table no bed
to sleep in help them Lord you are our
Maker our Farther our Friend You fed
the multitude with a few fishes and a few
loaf's of bread.you are still the same today
Thanksgiving is a special
time of the year it's turkey and stuffing time
pumpkin pie time it's family coming together
and loving each other time it's giving God a
a very good heart felt thank you God time
for all he has giving us through out the year.
But Some where on thanksgiving people are homeless
living under bridges alleys park benches doorways
some where a car is the only home a family has
some where on thanksgiving people are cold and
hungry looking for food in dumpsters or any where
in trash cans So let every day be Thanksgiving day
if we have a home and a family to love us and comfort
us when we are tired and weary and for the food on our
table and a warm bed If we share our blessing with
others God will bless us when we and our family gather
around the supper table let us pray for those who are
looking in dumpster for supper when we lock our doors
and windows and feel safe at night let us pray for the
ones that live out in the open with no protection
when we go to our warm bed pray for those asleep
under a bridge remember every thing we have is a gift
from God remember when someone is in needs let us
help all we can And God will bless
us with so many blessing
Poem By
Clara Strickland Brinkley
Beautiful sig
Marvaline Whispers of Warship

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