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 His Star Draws Near

Beneath dark sky of mornings light
I rest, keep watch my flock this night
To sky I stare as lights pierce through
This cloak of darkness and heart mine too

A different kind of night wind blows
Whispers soft to all that woes
My mind to state of peace it yearns
The soon to be, of Lamb to learn

Restless becomes my soul this eve
As voice from angels speaks, believe
For soon shall come the answer to
Mans greatest need to see them through

The cure to ills where lame will walk
The hand to bring the mute to talk
The will to see for those born blind
Such gifts given for all of time

A King not of this Earth will come
To change the hearts of everyone
The calm to storms that rage within
A soul now found from where they've been

Humbled by voice, the very thought
That He would care for me and sought
To draw me near as child of one
To be as Him one of Gods sons

This truth would come before my eyes
Before this day of many sighs
To know that change would die for me
Granting rebirth, in me believed

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