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empty hearts
and minds full of a thousand images
that are replayed in our brains
like an endless photo flip book
we become used to the demons who
taunt us, the moment we rise
to the moment we lie
contemplating  the things we 
were taught to be disgusted by
they say we're deceived,
and that the media is to blame
but, we've witnessed it in real life
we hear our names whispered
among us 
with unforgettable eyes of disgust 
and like a seed, insecurity 
planted inside
People talk nonsense
"Beauty on the inside"
But no one knows the reality
To live outside of acceptance
Is a desire to die
don't be fooled
I've been on both sides -
I've seen the demons that 
play , 
and the demons that hide
some say "cheers" 
over a glass of anorexia, bulimia 
and some suicide
it doesn't change girls
young, old, they're all alike-
and the demons don't change 
and media doesn't change 
and the people who hurt you-
They're all hurting inside
the worlds a playground 
for the devils that haunt us
and they do blind
your eyes, 
- they have blinded mine 
they make us believe 
which make us confined
and in result,
we lose our own mind
Time, after time, after time...
they tie knots around our wrist
and bring razors to our flesh
and booze, and pills, and starvation,
or whatever you fancy
it's all alike
but what we can't see 
has us believing a lie
You must be thin
You must be a certain size
You must have this skin
These eyes 
Lies. Lies. Lies....
I'll tell you 
Quit wasting 
Distracted by what's black
Distracted from what's white.
Dedication : to all the young girls who experience(d) bullying in school.
And to all woman who struggle with their self-image.

I was bullied plenty of times when I was a young girl,
and in result, it made me obsess over my appearance for many of my 
teenage and young adult years. One day I was set free from the lies
that haunted me. God showed me the reality. I wish I could
reach out to all the young girls and women who deal with this.
I know your pains, I've been there. And I pray you too,
will see the truth and be set as free as I. 


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empty hearts