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the 90's

Mild is the moments stretched inside. Our wild and wicked ambition is now on a bend, exagerate because tilting floors do obscure. Closing in on happiness and perhaps I can. Other days bring loss or is it simplicity threatening me?
Wise tales through off set years, barely does a tear fall.
Somewhere in our skies are endless reasons.
Submitted Im committed.
I am above the glorious universe.
Widening echoes live for now. Get it right or lessen fright.
Allow their voices to enter, again.
Listen as our hearts fill us, right to the top.
Never stop, Remember when and than. Release some of that aching need to please.
Treat yourself well.
It's always another day until the end. Virtuous freedom, Contimplating harmony,
Shadows who scream, Neither one of us, that's enough.

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the 90`s