Christmas Without Dad

                         Christmas Without Dad

The snow it falls Decembers here, that time has come, we have good cheer
Family's gather, mums and dads to watch their children dear
Good things happen around the tree with Santa and all our friends
I sit alone and play my game, my dad is gone, God why?
He still around though he's not here, at Christmas time I cry
I cry for dad and wonder why near me he can't be
A little child, I feel so sad, times are not the same
I want to cry but I'll deny satisfaction to those people
I'll see my dad tomorrow, no parcels can I take
No chance to bring him gifts, no Christmas for him make
Christmas comes I'll weep alone this festive time of year
My God I pray this time next year my father will still be here
In a lonely cell time passes, no gifts, no family dear
Christmas time, that happy time, most kids don't cry a tear
In other free lands they have good times, families gather near
In my land of Ireland things are different here
Big people talk and share good times, they have a drink or two
But in his cell my dad does lie, alone, and I ask why?
No Yule tide, no Christmas spirit, like me will he enjoy
No Christmas tree he'll see including me, no mum will he embrace
No time he'll spend with friends so dear, no presents will he wrap?
He's not allowed to join us, locked up in freedoms name
One day it might be different if he comes home again
Merry Christmas England, my mother she does say
Just like my tears the snow still falls, It'll soon be Christmas Day
My God is just and he can see what England has done to me
Next year may bring a miracle, at last my dad is free

                    Gerrard McGeachy

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Christmas Without Dad

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