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I'd been such a picky eater
But hunger helped of course:
Within a very short time
I'f have eaten a manky horse.

It was such a tasty soup,
Thick and rich and creamy
Nestled in its large urn
Aromatic, hot, steamy.
I dipped in the ladle
Then came to a stop
As the secret ingredient
Came bobbing to the top.

The food was very good,
Good as anywhere I'd been
And they really did try
To keep the kitchen clean
But it was an occupancy shared
With cockroaches by the score
Committing suicide by the batch
to be replaced by so many more

They got into the breakfast
Into  the dinner and tea
And there floating in the soup
This one was staring up at me.
I quietly replaced the ladle.
Didn't fuss or make a noise.
It wouldn't have been kind
To spoil the meal for the boys.

Not many weeks before this
Sight would have sickened me
But now instead of more soup I
Just ate  the rest of  my tea.

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