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Walking by the river on the North bank
Not far in the distance Beacon Hill,
The flags barely stirring, a calm day
The water looking deceptively still.
Along the track rattles a train
Just three linked diesel cars
Most seats look empty,
Going to nowhere so very far,
Like me, just walking slowly along.
Looking to the South shore
At the wind turbine's spinning sails
Seeming to proliferate ever more,
Having some beauty in their own way,
But not quite sure if things so new
Don't over impose, don't block
So much of this ancient river view.
Beacon Hill is closer now, walking
Through the stretch of Sloe berried,
Newish planted tree sheltered path.
Now using the Nordic  poles carried
To ease the short ascent.  The top
And the well placed bench, at last
Offering  view of ground to be covered
And those features  already passed.
To the front the the flatness of Lincolnshire:
To the left the single spanned Humber bridge,
That  symbol of an underused asset, there
 As a result of a fully met political pledge.
On a day like this it is good to stretch
Aching legs from the  sturdy wooden seat.
Halfway point on this ramble, excuse for a rest,
And anticipate coffee when the walk is complete.
The clock on All Saints Church, tantalizingly
Not  quite in full view in its small tower
So, with no watches being carried, for a while
We are all liberated from time's passing power.


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