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Army Kinema Corporation

Big Dave, genial and smiling
As we rolled up from the bar
Joshing, noisy, maybe merry
But never pushing him too far,
Then through the door
To the big silver screen
Sweetest smelling cinema
In which  I'd ever been.
No smoking allowed,
The unbroken AKC rule,
So always the intermission rush
To the entrance vestibule.
The ciggies lit,
The eager drag,
Maybe to stop waste,
From a  shared fag.
And Big Dave always there
Laughing, joking, moving about
Making sure before the film
Every ciggie  was stubbed out.
After the film the mad rush
Everybody streaming through
Some rushing to the mess
To beat the drinks queue.
 Big Dave stood there smiling
Waiting to close the door
As the old AKC Globe emptied
And was silenced once more.

RIP Dave Hood , Cinema Manager, civilian, recently died,
- remembered with affection and respect 06/01/2013

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Army Kinema Corporation