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Open your ears to what I say,
Do not try to throw them away;
Let them not depart from your eyes,
They give wisdom and make you wise.
Do not lose sight of anything,
Because of wisdom it will bring;
Retain them deep within your heart,
So you are able to impart.
For they are life to those who find,
How to be humbled and also kind;
And the whole body they will heal,
Feeling a new spiritual zeal.
Guard your heart with the diligence,
Having watch towers for defense;
Since the source of life flows from it,
And if attacked then could forfeit.
Remove deception from your tongue,
From where dishonesty is flung;
And deceptive speech from your lips,
From the cup of poison one sips.
Let your eyes look out straight ahead,
Focus on what is in front instead;
When you are looking side each way,
Tendency to detour and stray.
Carefully walk the narrow path,
So you will be spared from the wrath;
And then your ways will be secure,
While God will open the right door.
Do not lean to the left or right,
Keep going straight with all your might;
And walk away from the evil,
Towards God rather than the devil.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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