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For many veterans there is this question we ask
We always ask them when is enough proof enough?
For many years now we've run through their hoops

We've been to a multitude of Doctors & Specialists
We saw everyone they had told us to be tested by
And these results have always come back the same  

We've proved to them time after time our exposure
The dates of those spraying missions were confirmed
All their tests say that we'd been exposed to dioxins

That byproduct caused when making Agent Orange
Some of us can hardly work but still we must try to
The pain involved is so great it's almost unbearable

We have suffered for years with these side effects
The pains from diseases like Cancers and Diabetes
Then there's the secondary issues from the Diabetes

Neuropathy is a very debilitating disease in itself
It affects nerves and muscles in your arms & legs
Eventually you can barely stand let alone walk far

Many have Cancers of various types they're fighting
The VA's typical answer is to just reject your claims  
And if you appeal they say they still need more tests

I think that they hope we'll all just die off eventually
Which will save them millions of dollars in payments
So I ask them - Proof? When is enough Proof Enough?

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

My own battle with the Veterans Administration lasted for
over six and one half years trying to prove that all of my
various medical conditions were caused by our prolonged
and very heavy exposure to dioxins byproducts that were
a part of the chemicals used to defoliant the jungle plants
and tall elephant grasses that surrounded our own remote
air base in the Mekong Delta Region of South Vietnam. I was
finally awarded my permanent and total disability rating by
the Veterans Administration in late December of 2009, it had
stated that I was given a permanent rating of 80 percent for
my direct service connected disabilities and since I was not
able to work any longer they had also given me an additional
rating of 20 percent because of my unemployability status as
well which means I'm paid at the 100 percent rate for my VA
compensation for the rest of my life. I always tell veterans
from the Vietnam War to go down to their local VA hospital in
the area where they live and to get an Agent Orange checkup
and to document all of their medical conditions that they may
have that may have been caused by their own exposure to Agent
Orange chemical spray missions that were used on or near their
own bases during their own tours of duty there in Vietnam and
to remember to never give up or give in to those frustrations
that they will face while trying to prove their own exposure
to those deadly chemicals that were used over there. It is far
easier to prove your case now that the government has finally
admitted that they knew all along what the dangers were from
exposure to Agent Orange and yet they still went ahead and had
used it anyway. I guess it was a case that they figured we'd
be killed over there fighting anyway or if we survived the war
we would never know what was really causing our own medical
issues before we had died from these diseases and they would
then save themselves from paying out millions of dollars in
compensation payments to veterans for their service connected
medical issues caused by their heavy exposure to those deadly
chemicals that were used over there during the Vietnam War.


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