Thoughts of a Mother

why momma why?

Why must I go to school?
Why can't I play with boys?
Why must I clean these dishes?
Why can't I have any toys?

Why can't I have any company;
Unless it is you that is at home?
Why don't I have any brand name clothes?
Why can't I get a cell phone?

Why can't I take candy from strangers?
Why can't I leave the block when it's no sun?
Why must I do this homework?
Why momma why… why can't I have any fun?

And she replies,  ”Simply, because I said so.”

Well I'm not going to go to school
And I am going to play with boys
I'm not going to wash these dishes
And I'll have my dad buy me all my toys

I won't wait until you get home
For me to have company
And I'm gonna be just fine momma
Just wait momma, just wait and see

Well, I did take candy from that stranger
And do you know what happened 9 months later?
Why  am I in so much pain? What is it hurting me inside?
5lbs 3 oz, a baby boy to my surprise

Why momma why?
And she said, “Because, you didn't listen to me.”

Now I'm 16, with a 2 yr old son
I can't go to any parties, I can't have any fun
I can't go to the mall and hang out with all my friends
I'm stuck in the house with the baby until he goes to sleep, then the next day we do it again

What happened to my childhood? What happened to my life?
I can't go out to the clubs because my mom won't watch the baby at night
Why wouldn't momma just let me, go out and have some fun?
Why try and hide me from the outside world, now here I am with my loving son

At age 22 I decided to ask her … “Why momma why?”
“Why couldn't I run the streets, like every other kid in my life?”

She said,  “Because I didn't want you to be just like me
I had you at age 12, no childhood did I ever see
Trying too hard to hurry up and be grown unfortunately
But regardless of what I did, you still repeated my curse , you see”

So now it's up to you to give your child a better life
Teach him to be a man and make sure that he grows up right
So the moral of this story is when your momma tells you something
Listen to her, don't question, because as children we don't know nothing….

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why momma why?

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