The Poetic Diary of Loi

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Written by Loi in January 7, 2013

I'm not good at rest
My body is pest

Cos I has a fatigue
It is from my mind
Aw, I need sunshine
That boosts my system
But I live in the cold society
Because people are stubborn
And that make me feel tired and sick

I'm not regretting to say
The cruel people make me have a bad day

What can I do to these people?
What can I say to these people?
How come I made mistake?
Well, I made mistake
Because of I choose the wrong people
Or, they were practically fool me
Like hypocrisy that show no affection for me

Can I have a right to give up these people?
Can I have a right to let them go?
Oh yeah, it makes me happy and stay peace
I don't want to involve their problems
There are too many emotional minds that make my mind sick
Cos I want to get rest