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There he was
In the band
Back in the blue light
That big man
That moved me
To want some of that
What you going to do
With an cougar cat?

There in the blue light
He'll always be
Racking my mind with fantasy
I cannot help it
It's the way I am
Falling in love with some man
In a band

That could get over me
Hold on to his thighs
Look up from down there
With my big brown cow eyes
Wanting to please him
With all that I know
How could I do that
When I'm shy to go

Too old to tell
All I could be
If he stood tall
With me down on my knees
Delights from a sweet thang
Satisfied fully
I didn't go up
'Cause girls were not bullies
Back in my day
We waited to be asked
And all that we miss is four years
Without the reflection of his looking glass

So hurt in the past
Afraid to move on
Afraid to move forward
Say nothing
He's gone
Back to Seattle
Without my story to tell
Maybe it's better
So just saying, "Oh well"

Back in the blue light
Playing the bass
Should have came up there
Right to his face
Showed him my grace
Offered him hugs
Offered him kisses
Offered the things he missed
From a Misses

But back in the blue lights on film
He will be
Stuck in my memory banks
For me to see
There big and strong
How I long
For a great guys arms around me
Hold me so tight
I won't be afraid
For the next night
Afraid I'm too old
That I'm not enough gold
For one so lyrical
A King imperial
Named Collin
How I wish I was falling
Down on him
Even if it's sin
I don't care
Because back in the blue
We all need loving there
To light up the night
Make smiles for the day
C'mon little cowgirl
How else you going to get your way?

Saddle up and ride on
Don't sit there and hide on
Behind your computer
Just be the flirter
You are inside
Then those big guys
Will take you for a ride
Or at least one
'Cause it's been so long
Since I've wanted someone
To be in my song

Well, today dear friend
It's all about you
How I fell in love fast
With the man back
In the blue.

2/5/2013 1307 cj

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