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Slow Train to Nowhere

Is this a world of exhibitionists
with their ever open gobs,
mostly populated by hordes of
these Intellectual yobs?

They all  seem to think they are in
individually sound proofed zones
as they take up their seats and
switch on their bloody phones.
Whatever happened to discretion
in this modern day
for they just don't seem to care
just what it is they say.

I don't want to hear about
their blighted love lives,
or shopping lists from
their long distant wives,
or hear  them discuss bits
of rehashed news
or descriptions of
newly bought shoes.
I don' t care what cars they drive
don't want details of their careers
or other such banalities
poured out into my ears.
They just seem to sit
and pour out their soul
through runaway mouths
totally out of control.

I suppose somewhere
each one must have a brain
they immediately switch off
as they get aboard the train.
Maybe evolutionary  processes
have forged on ahead
producing a species that is now,
for the most part brain dead

Rail travel used to be such a pleasure,
cocooned from the world outside there:
now it's a noisy chattering clattering
moving prison of discomfort and despair.




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Slow Train to Nowhere