The Gathering

                     The Gathering            February 23, 2013

Welcome home to Ireland we'll meet you at the door
You'll meet the friends you left behind; you'll share a pint for sure
Your family tree with you and me, you'll meet your Irish past
With friends you know so happy you've made it home at last
Ireland calls to one and all come visit your family tree
There's lots of people waiting for you, please come home to me
You‘ll visit your childhood memories with friends just wait and see
You can walk the road you walked before, share an Irish smile
Meet old friends and others, walk an Irish mile
Ireland waits to greet you, welcome home at last
Join us at our gathering, come home and meet your past
Mother Ireland calls her children, the children of the Gael
Come home to mother Ireland and kiss the ground sure

                     Gerrard McGeachy

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