Perry Campanella

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When Words Are Composed Music Blossoms

Created something, this beautiful sunny mornin'
a calm wind blowin' through my hair
was easy to see a vision of you risin'
nothin' would compare

reminiscing days long gone
what life would have been
like two branches absent
one now in heaven

How I wish you were here
roses everywhere full bloom
A greater number than before
I would have been your groom

Our rolling hillsides covered in blossoms
reminds me of days naked laying there
seedpods reaching for rays of sunlight
music in the air

my nostrils, now full of Honeydew
baby blue sky, heavenly white clouds
thinking so much of you
so I wish it would rain

my numb aging legs would dance
this cane I'd throw up in the air
with just one more last chance
to have you back in my arms my dear