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(Dis'tèns)Distance: Destroys Dreams

I dream of standing right by you,
As you stand right by me.
I dream of giving you a hug,
When it's a hug that you need.

I dream of patting you on the back,
When you conquer great things,
I dream of stickin' up for you,
When people say cruel things.

I dream of capturing your smile,
Or comforting you in the night.
I dream of having you back,
As we're face to face in real life.

I dream about the impossibilities,
Unaware if you want the same.
My dream is as silly,
As I am just one grain...
On a beach full of sand...
The sun forgets to beam,
Because it's just thrown in there,
Unnoticed is my dream.

Because of the miles,
Unimportant it now seems.
Because of our distance,
"Our" dream became "my" dream.

~DaYnA e. 4/1/03

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(Dis`tèns)Distance: Destroys Dreams