Dog Face Doc 11th LIB Americal Infantry Division RVN
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Boom...Boom..Boom ... 
Pop, Pop, 
Everybody get down! 
 I'm hit! 
Everybody stay down! 
Nerves on edge, wired to the max, 
tight, wound up, taunt, 
like a tightly coiled spring 
fully compressed. 
Adrenaline pumpin..
Heart thumping ...
I'm wait'n for the dreaded but familiar yell, 
Then I fly like a bat out of Hell. 
Eyes wide ...
 Palms and body soak'n wet with sweat... 
hearts feels and sounds
like it's about to explode 
in anticipation of that dreaded familiar word ...
Where is the Doc?! 
Get the Doc up here..
Off like a shell from a shotgun blast... 
Moving faster then a bullet from a gun. 
Moving out under fire..
Full gallop on the run. 
Scared almost to death ... 
man..this is fun! 
Heart beats starts to slow ... 
Nerves back in check... 
Damn I love this,
I'm in my element. 
The euphoria begins to subside ... 
But I'm addicted to the rush ... 
Can hardly wait until we get hit again. 
I must be sick 
cause I don't only like the euphoria; 
I need the thrill ... 
Of patch'n them up as the infantry kills. 
Oh God ... will this madness ever end? 
Will I ever recover?
 I'm addicted to the rush ... 
And war is my lover. 
Penned by, 
Abu Lateef 

Copyright ©1994
H Khalil Abd Al Haqq 


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