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Meat and Two Veg?

My Lords of the Second Chamber
Tell me which need is the greater,
The subsidising of your stomachs
Or the living wages of your waiter.
The company that employs them,
Considers them as a financial buffer
By cutting their wages down so that
Your Lordships' pockets don't suffer.

Due deference and respect
And a tugged forelock to you
But with respect, my Lordships
Please consider what you do.
Your daily attendance fees
Greatly exceeds the dole;
For a mess of cheap pottage
Will you all sell your souls?

Is it that years of privilege,
Of the fine wine and ham
Have so inured your Lordships
So you don't give a damn:
Is it that the Second Chamber
Is just so very out of touch,
That  your eminent Lordships
Just don't know so very much?

There is a discontent arising
Which hunger helps to feed
And a feeling of hopelessness
For those in disparate need.
Remember, your Lordships,
Though not the usual British way
Unfeeling greed and contempt
Could bring a British  Bastille day.

In a period of austerity, governed by out of touch millionaires, it was leaked in the papers today that wages of waiters may be cut so that members of the House of Lords may continue to receive subsidised meals, rather than put the prices up.
Sounds like a scam, but in Conservative ruled Britain anything is possible, so this poem just in case.

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Meat and Two Veg?